Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Multitudes of Frogs

I've been inspired, recently, by friends and family to begin journalling my experiences. I am hoping to document many of my favorite as well as a few of my not so favorite stories regarding my love life.

I should start by saying that when I was a little girl, long before I developed an interest in the opposite sex, my Papa (Maternal Grandfather) used to greet me and ask "how's your love life?" Most of the time I would cringe and giggle saying "Papa, yuk! I don't have a love life!" As I made it through my teen years, sometimes the answer would be "I have a crush on this boy" and he would ask me to tell him about it. He would always ask if the boy felt the same and if he did, it would be "true love". What I wouldn't give to have him ask me that after a date, after a lonely Friday night, or when I feel like bragging about a guy!

I'm the kind of girl that sees a Silver Lining in most every situation. It might not happen instantly, but I usually do see it and pay excellent attention, reminding myself that things could always be worse and "this too shall pass."

My friends and family have eagerly waited after dates, weekends, etc. to hear me tell a story. Some of these stories are of urban legend worthiness, others are downright unbelievable. Most are just a good laugh and remind me to be thankful for that special someone when he comes along.

Names and places may have been changed to protect the innocent. I hold the right to embellish for creative emphasis, but most of the time...I won't have to!

Thank you frogs, friends, and family for inspiring me to leap to new pads!


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