Sunday, April 29, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

I just keep on swimming through these streams of life.  Things look up at times, other times not so up. 

I am on my second to my last class and will graduate on July 7, 2012!  I am more than excited and proud of myself for completing this chapter in my life.  I have worked very hard studying, writing papers, and attending class every Tuesday night (well almost every Tuesday) for the last 2 years.  I take offense to people that think the University of Phoenix is giving out degrees to anyone who signs up.  I take offense to those who think that submitting your paper to a writing review is taking the easy way out.  I wonder, where is your degree?  If it is so easy, have you done it?  If you need the extra look-over of your paper and it is available, take it.  Get the most points you can!  No matter what kind of college, online or in-person, from SMU to University of Phoenix, if you are working towards a degree and can honestly say that you are giving it your all- you deserve to it.  A degree is earned, not given! 

For those that say that if you don't have the funds to go to college, don't.  I say that if you don't have the money to buy that car, vacation, jewelry, etc...don't!  College is a different story!  It is an investment  in my future!  It doesn't make me a "better person" per say, but it does afford me better jobs and more success.  For the most part, it is something I wanted, sought, and obtained for myself.  What is better than that?  Even your dream car can't earn you more or land a fruitful career path!

I will walk across that stage smiling my biggest smile and knowing that I have absolutely earned my Bachelor's degree on my own!  And yes, I am considering a Master's degree!  That, too, is an investment in my future.  I take care of me, you take care of you!

Muah!  XOXO

Frog match

The online dating match that turned out to be gay is FULL-ON gay!  He checked in with me a little bit ago and has moved to be with his new lover.  The disturbing part is that he is still on the dating site meeting women so that he can play on the side.  He told me that it turns him and his partner on for him to be dating women and them not knowing that he's gay. 

Ethical issues?  Let me post the ones I can think of:

1.  Women are being tricked and used for the entertainment of a gay couple.
2.  Health/Wellness issues
3.  Dishonesty

For one, I am happy that he has found himself and is living freely.  I am not, however, happy that he is capable of "dating" women as entertainment or some silly joke.  The health/wellness issue, for me, is that even if one of them doesn't have a contagious disease, one of them could develop it.  But what if one of them does? 

How fair is it that the woman is being tricked and wasting their time dating a guy that is gay?  How fair is it that she could possibly end up with the cold (or worse) that his boyfriend has?

So, next time you're on a date ask him, "Is your boyfriend watching from another table or possibly waiting at home to hear all the juicy details?" 

Sorry, boys!  That's what we're dealing with out here in Singleland.  Don't be offended, just answer truthfully. 


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