Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Strange Frogs

I so didn't keep my word to write more often!  As always, so much has happened! 

  • May- I moved out on my own again!  This time I have a roommate and it's great. 
  • June- I finished up my last class for my Bachelor's degree
  • July- I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Business Management! 
This next week I will start classes for an MBA with a specialty in Project Management!  I have been so full of pride, excitement, and joy that it's hard to breathe at times!  I have had to gasp in to account for all of the fullness I fill.  My cup runneth over!  I decided to continue onto an MBA after one of my last professors told us not to do it for: a raise, praise, or pressure.  But, the reason to is if you think you would regret not doing it!  That is what I thought about for the rest of my classes.  Would I regret not pursuing it?  YES!  Now, is the time!  I am in the school mode, I have momentum, and I want to advance in my career.  I tend to be the bossy girl who enjoys being a part of integral decisions...this degree affords me to do that.  In the past, I was just a bossy girl.

Now, about the Strange Frogs!  For the longest time, this girl was dateless, lookless, flirtless, but lately I have hit the monsoon.  Monsoon of strange frogs.  Oh girls, what strange frogs lie in wait.  Let me explain! 

1 Scrub Frog-
-No job
-No car
-Lived at home (hey, I did it...I'm forgiving of that)
-Drank entirely too much, like at 9 AM too much! 
The things that reeled me into him were that he thought and often told me that I was beautiful.  It's hard to take in, but sure does make me feel good.  He rescued me when I had car trouble, meeting me where I was to help or to offer a ride.  I gave it a shot and practiced being a charitable and forgiving princess.  But, sorry Charlie.  He held my Sugar Bear over my stairwell by her tail and I had to take him home.  Disrespect me by harming my dog and it's buh-bye!  TLC says "I don't want no scrubs" and I sure don't! 

2 He Likes (Really Likes) Feet Frog
Shortly after ditching Scrub Frog, I came in contact with a suitor Frog that seemed ok.  We come from the same town.  He was a military guy, which is my weakness.  He was educated and polite.  Not soon after we started getting to know each other, he devulged his affection for toes, feet, and shoes.  Now, I'm on the third book of the 50 Shades of Grey series.  My eyes have been opened to some, let's say different ideas for the bedroom and fantasies therein.  I can respect a foot fetish as long as I don't have to reciprocate.  What got me was his neediness to text every waking minute and desire for me to dominate him.  Some of you are probably raising an eyebrow wondering, why I would have a problem with this.  It just wasn't me!  I have grown enough to admit when I'm not up for something that isn't me.  I have the capability of morphing over to things other people like as a part of my people-pleasing gesturing, but it is not healthy.  Frankly, it does not get me anywhere.  I am not satisfied by these desires.  I wouldn't have minded bossing him around a bit more though ;) Mr. Grey style! 

3 I Am Allergic to the World Frog
Yes, you read that right.  He says that he is allergic to everything in the world due to a tick bite that caused Lyme disease.  Does he think I'm not bright enough to Google Lyme disease and realize that that is definitely NOT a symptom?  Maybe so.  He goes on (and on) talking about exes, his hand-to-hand combat skills, how witches tell him he has a bad and good side, and how he was in a coma for a year and a half that wiped out his memory prior to the accident.  What's interesting after this is the fact that he brags about childhood stories to me.  He boasts that he joined the Army after the coma, which I found odd.  Would the Army take someone who's memory has been erased?  Doubtful.  Not surprisingly, he was released from the Army due to a neck fusion, he says.  A neck fusion that causes you to be a compulsive liar?  On to the next one! 

Sigh.  Where is my Christian Grey minus a few of his fifty shades?  My view on the books?  I think that they are a great gift to women, sure, but mostly that men who are interested in what turns a woman on should read them.  I think a man that see his woman get aroused by the books should take the time to read them and then have a good, open discussion with her about what she liked so that he can provide that for her.  It's just a healthy relationship tool, I think.  A single man should also read them so that he gains an upper hand (and twitchy palm) over those other frogs in the pool!  I am not saying that they are the most well-written books ever, but they are juicy, insightful, and create a passion inside most of the women I know who have read it.  Their significant other's have definitely been thankful to the novels!  The set should come with a lover for the single gal reader...genius promotion idea!!

Until that Frog Prince of mine comes along in his Charlie Tango sweeping me off my feet, I am enjoying singledom and writing to my dear, dear readers about the murky dating waters.  Married readers, be thankful for what you have.  Single ones, keep on kissing 'em and keep those standards I(and heels) high, girls!

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