Monday, March 12, 2012

Almost a year postless

Wow, readers, my last post was on March 20, 2011.  What a year!  Shall I catch you up on the highlights?

  • single
  • living at home
  • 3 classes from finishing my Bachelor's degree!!
  • I had surgery in January that's helping me feel better and be more confident!  The Dr. found benign tumors and removed them.
  • paying down debt
  • visited my family for Christmas
  • visited Las Vegas for the first time!
  • made a wish into a fountain at the Bellagio
It's hard to believe I've gone a year without posting!  No wonder I've been wanting to write so badly lately.

I've decided that I'll talk about more than just my dating life since it's been nonexistant lately.  I'll discuss the day in the life of a single, young professional that is on her way to big, big things!  So, being single...there's not much to say about that.  I have really enjoyed this status over the last year though!  I have had dates where I thought about it going somewhere and I always had that twinge, that "what if I don't get to have brunch with my girls each Sunday anymore?"  Or "what if I plan something and have to run it by him?"  It makes me glad to be single!  I have spent more time than ever with my girls this past year.  Two of them got engaged and married this past year.  I am now one of the last two single girls in my group.  One is getting serious with her boyfriend so it might not be long.  I have my moments of jealousy for them.  I have my moments of "I wish that was me" and "when will that be me?"  I stand firm knowing that it will be me someday!  It's a tough road to travel here in Dallas when couples seem to be oh so en vogue.

Vegas was a girl's trip!  It was my first time to go and I would say that it was the best way to experience it for the very first time!  There were 6 of us for 3 days seeing the sights, gambling, dancing, flirting, and living it up.  It was fabulous!  I hope that we can take at least one girl's trip each year!   

Living at home.  That is a struggle for me on a weekly, if not daily basis.  I lived on my own for ten years and due to unemployment and lack of savings, I made the choice to live with family.  I struggle with not having my own spaces, freedom to the extent that I used to, a shorter drive time to work and school, and mostly having to be around people when I don't necessarily want to be.  There are times when my escape from stress and people was living alone.  I knew when I got home that I wouldn't have to be around anyone else's attitudes or expectations.  Like being single, it's a choice that I have made to get me where I'm going.  I have to remember that it is temporary and for the best. 

I am feeling healthier, more confident, and on my way!  I started back to yoga a couple of weeks ago.  I am fully looking forward to getting back in the groove and sticking with yoga again.  It's my stress relief, workout, and spa time all in one! 

Gaining and keeping weight these past few years has affected the way I see people and I how I feel about others.  It's amazing how some people have acted like I have an airborne, incurable disease by being overweight.  Not just guys, there are girls that back away and don't show the kindness that they would to someone who is carrying less of a muffin around the midsection.  Pure amazement!  I am still the same person I always was.  Then again, maybe I am not.  It hurts at times, but definitely makes me stronger and smarter about who I keep close to me. 

Being overweight in Dallas, the land of plastic surgery mecca and Mrs. Ken Doll, is a challenge.  The men expect a Barbie.  The ladies are health conscious, vain and expect to surround themselves with those who complement their Gucci pumps and Louis Vuitton handbags.  The typical Dallas lady tries to portray herself like she just stepped off the runway.  Dont' get me wrong, the majority of the ladies I choose to hang out with know their style and they are sweet as can be.  There are sweet, genuine ladies everywhere.  It's nice when they know you before you gain weight, that sure helps!  When I really think about it though, I do not need those ladies as friends or acquaintences now or later.

I am in good spirits most days though!  I realize that I am a talented, driven, young lady and I am making things happen! 

I'm glad to be writing again!  I don't have to write a book to get on and spread some wordy cheer. 

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