Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dating Hiatus

Hello again Frog Blog! When I wrote last I was unemployed, depressed, single, and hung up on Killeen Frog. So much has changed for me since then!

This blog might take a turn from just a dating disaster blog to an account of my life in general. The original blog I started with three other USO Girls, wittily titled "USO Girls", was posted for the last time yesterday. 2 of the original girls, Caro and Lindsay, have gotten married, moved away, and are writing blogs of their own. Jamie and I are still living in Dallas single. Jamie is the only current USO Girl left from the group.

Ok, so what's all happened, you ask? Two of the biggest developments are that I found and started a job in late October, 2010 and moved out of my apartment and back in with my parents earlier this month. A lesser development is that I turned 31 earlier this month, too. I am taking this time while living at my parents' to get caught up on bills and to build up a savings account so that when I move out on my own again, I'll be in better shape to handle things.

Needless to say, I have been single this whole time! Sure I have dated a few froggies here and there. Each of them having their own endearing and "bless their heart" stories. Dallas guys just can't help but be pitiful and undatable sometimes. I got a great deal for an online dating subscription, so I'm back trying that for a bit. I have only met two men off the site this time around. One was great on paper, but in person had braces and pointy teeth. I learned that I'm a girl who likes straight, flat teeth. I almost met a guy, but was stood up not once, but twice. See, I gave him the benefit of the doubt the first time because he had a job with odd hours. The second time, I did not bother to call and get an excuse. I did not stick around more than 15 minutes. I jetted and didn't even return his phone call or "wink" a week after he stood me up. A great step for me indeed! Killeen guy and I haven't seen each other or been in touch regularly. He sent a Thanksgiving text. I sent a Christmas text and then a text just this week to see how he was doing. We chatted a little bit after that last text, but have not made any plans.

I started Women's Bible Study with my good friend, Lucia, on Wednesday nights at our church. A new singles group has been started at church and we are hoping to be a part of that this year, too.

I started attending a fitness boot camp back in November. Of course, it wasn't without mishap. On orientation day, I rolled my ankle and skinned my knee so badly that it was raw for three weeks and the nerves shown out of the wound. I was an incredible baby tending to the wound. That, the cold, and my self-sabotage have kept me from keeping a good attendance with the camp even though I'm paying to attend. Keeping my word to myself is definitely going to have to be a big part of me coming back from last year's misfortune! I let my personal goals go by the wayside in the name of excuses like tiredness, laziness, and re-prioritizing other items.

Oh, Frog Blog, 2011 is MY year! I will be doing great things this year! Just wait and see!!
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