Sunday, August 8, 2010

a desperate toad

This is a new development! A man I came in contact with on a military dating site Friday night, showed his toady, desperate underbelly last night.

I was at a concert...with a date from eH. Hey, I'm working the system and not "involved" with anyone, so I can date several people, right? Right! Plus, since when did IM'ing become dating? Anyhow, so I sign in to my yahoo after the concert only to be greeted by 4 messages left while I wasn't signed in. They got equally more aggravated.

1. "Hi, how are you?"
2. "Where are you?"
3. "I didn't think you'd ignore me."
4. "I'm sorry I was such a disappointment."

Whoa, begonia!

First thought, desperation! Second thought, a bit of a controller and jealous-type person. Now, we know why he's single!

I politely respond that I was at a concert and wasn't signed in.

"Oh. I want you to open your heart to me and tell me what you think."

"Of what?"

"Me and this."

"I don't know you. We've had a few IM's and shared some things, but I don't know enough to form an opinion."

"I feel differently. We are in different places, so I'm afraid this won't work."

"Oh, so you're saying you're in love and since I'm not it's over?" EEEE EEEE EEEEEE

"Yes, exactly. Sometimes you just know."

"Well, I am not the kind of person that can make that kind of kind of decision this early."

What the what? What kind of person has a few IM's with you and is practically in love with you? We didn't share anyting particularly personal. I can't and won't be involved with a person that expects me to stay signed on IM 24/7, fall in love at first keystroke, and that has such a strong desire to portray a heaping dose of self-loathing and guilt towards that person.


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