Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Wedding Dream

Last Saturday, after my rants regarding the disappointment and bad behavior of the male species, I had my first wedding dream. 

I was in a white dress in a church full of people.  My Dad forgot that he was standing with me to walk me down the isle which is so my Dad.  He went down the isle to sit with my Mom.  I had to run down to get him back so everyone saw me.  I got to the end of the isle to meet my future husband.  All I saw was a tall man with dark hair who tried to kiss me before we took our vows.

I woke up and looked it up in my dream dictionary.  It seems that it's a pretty good dream to have.  It's not like some dreams that are opposite of what you would think.  I read that it means I'm becoming unified with myself, a job, a relationship...something.  I also read that it could mean that I intend on ending up in the good graces of a gentleman that I am seeking. 

It looks like I'll be adding tall with dark hair to my list of wants in a gentleman. 

Have you ever had a wedding dream?  Has it come true yet or did you have a relationship status update shortly thereafter?  I am interested to see what is in store for me! 


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