Sunday, September 23, 2012

I did it

This morning, I completed the Plano Balloon Festival 5K alone and in 50 minutes!  I was under my goal of 52 minutes from the Katy Trail 5K in May, I did it alone, and I actually jogged the last half mile to make sure that I'd get there in time.  I crossed the finish line crying which quickly turned into a sob by the time I grabbed a cup of Powerade and stood alone on the side.  I was full of emotions: pride, joy, excitement, hope, accomplishment and yet still I felt the twang of loneliness.  Inside I recounted hearing a song on the way, Greg Bates "Did It for the Girl".  I said to myself, out loud even that I wished someone would do it for this girl.  One step at a time though, Kate.  Just like I had hope that I'd cross that finish line, I will find myself at the end of that long isle with a man that adores, honors, and respects me just as much as I will him.  On that day, like today, I will be able to say "I did it!" 


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