Saturday, January 4, 2014

What's up with Creepsters?

So, I'm trying a new dating app and have had to block two guys this week!  

Both of them insist on asking me to come over to their place or to come over to mine.  One I had never met.  One I met for coffee.  Um...

Being a total douchebag must include not understanding the word that is simply spelled with two letters.  It's even the same in Spanish!  

Go ahead- get your feelings hurt, send a sad face, ask me a few more times in different all leads to deletion!  I love my internal organs and do not intend to be on the news!  This is something I am thankful for in my mid-thirties.  I am smart, set in my ways, and realize that there could be imminent danger in that situation.  

If this app is simply for hookups, I'm getting off of it.  I am practically at the point where I'm just going to concentrate on my studies and keeping my place clean until I graduate in October.  Especially if I have to continue telling creepsters "NO" and explaining why I have morals, values and care for my personal safety.  

Ladies, how many of y'all are accepting these invites?  No judging...just asking because it probably has worked for them if they continue to try it.  Have some respect for yourself.  At least meet a dude in a bar and get to know him there around his friends and in public before going back to "your place or mine."  :)  

On to the next one! 



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