Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snowball Express VIII

I just want to document my feelings and experiences at this year's Snowball Express while they are fresh.  Do your eyes ever well up when you see something sweet or sad?  What is that?  Sometimes I think I'm feeling the Holy Spirit alive in me.  Other times, I think it's emotions welling up.  Maybe it's both.  

This year has been just as rewarding as last year.  I am helping out more in the kid section rather than teens like I did last year.  It seems to fit me better.  Tonight, there was a little girl sitting by herself so I asked her if she was ok and needed anything.  As I was kneeling down to hear her, she reached up and gave me the biggest hug and started crying.  She missed her Daddy.  It took all I had not to fall apart right there with her.
All I could say was, "I'm so sorry, honey.  What can I do to make you feel better tonight?"

"Just sit here with me."  And she held me so tight, crying and crying.  After a few minutes some other girls she knew came up and gave her big hugs and listened to her, too.

I couldn't say, "I know" because I don't.  I can't imagine!  She was 10 and had lost her Daddy.  I'm nearly 34 and can't imagine losing either one of my parents.  I'm hoping just hugging her back was enough to help until her friends arrive.  They truly are the only ones who can relate to each other enough to say "I know".

Heartbreaking!  However, as I told someone else this's work that I treasure doing because it's what I would want for my family, friends and myself if, God forbid, the ultimate were to happen.

Most of the time the atmosphere is energetic, bubbly, and full of surprise rather than concentrating on the reason why they all are there.  That fact is acknowledged, but this weekend is to celebrate the children and keep a magical spirit for Christmas and holidays alive during such a difficult season.

Whether it's emotions or the Holy Spirit- my cup runneth over and these moments are not easily forgotten.


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