Monday, September 27, 2010

The "One Drink and You're Mine" Frog

So, I'm out with some friends making my way through a crowded bar when a man turns around and tells me that I'm beautiful and wants to know if he can buy me a drink. Besides the Air Force ballcap, he had me at "beautiful". So I sit and order a drink expecting some interesting conversation to ensue.

Quite the opposite! Before I even get a chance to take a sip, he's got his hand on my thigh and heading northeast rather quickly.

"I'd rather you didn't," I say nice enough.

"I see you looking at that guy over there. If you want to be with him, just say so."

"Um...yea, he's in the group I came with. As far as being with, just looking over at him." And at that time I mouth "H.E.L.P" to my group. Soon enough the guy in question comes to my rescue and I say "I'll be right over."

The drink-buying frog has the nerve to start in on some nonsense diatribe about me having the audacity to accept a drink from him and not go home with him.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!! I DO NOT go home with men I meet at bars! Especially on THE night I meet them there." And by this point, I've noticed that he's got a bum leg with a boot on it and put two and two together that he's drunk as a squirrel that just stole a Boone's Farm from a 7-11 dumpster!

And from there, I casually stroll back to my group thankful that they understand when the bartender comes over and says "that'll be $8.50". He refused to pay for my drink since I left. Great! Fine! Nicely done, guy! I paid for MY drink and expected for the rest of my evening to be A-OK. Not 5 minutes later, he comes over and touches me again to say that he's leaving.

One of the guys in the group steps in and says "Bye! Not only have you touched her twice without her permission, but you refused the drink that you offered to buy her. She's not interested. Get going."

I kissed him right there in front of bum-legged, drink-refusing, guy!


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